Here we go!!!!: Geronimo 2018 Review.

IMG_1599I love a festival!!! Pre – babies,  I was a drunken festival devotee –  cut off shorts, wellies and swigging pints whilst jumping around to my favourite band in the sun or rain lol. Fast forward to 2018 and that hasn’t really changed – except now I wouldn’t expose my stretch marked thighs in cut offs even if you paid me a hella amount of money and beer has been realised as fattening ( grown up sensibility) and has been swapped for Gins, Shandies and mixers. Also with two little humans in tow, getting absolutely ball bagged at a festival is definitely a no no – so as my life has changed so has our festival repertoire.

Hubbster is always up for a bit of camping, so we decided on a whim ( My whim) to go try a new family festival this year. We are always looking for new adventures and following a move to Birmingham and acquiring Bertha – our folding caravan, we were itching for a new adventure.

Browsing their website, my boys were awe struck by the giant tortoises especially! so taking that as a yes, we took the plunge and booked the 3 day weekend pass with funfair passes thrown in (Absolute life savers but will talk about that later)

So having stayed and played, here are the of boxes Geronimo ticked for us for us as a family :

  • Reasonably priced! – Yes we paid with a payment plan and that is a great option for families on a budget! after the deposit of £70 for 3 adult tickets and a caravan ticket, £45 a month was affordable and took the stress out of a one of payment.
  • The Atmosphere – It was the most chilled and relaxed atmosphere ever at a family festival. Everything was so calm and it never felt crowded in the least as everything was spread out across the site. There never seemed to be a queue for anything really and if there was there was always something else to do instead. It seemed like all the parents were happy just to chill out on their picnic mates with a drink and watch Mr tumble or Mr Bloom belting out some tunes.
  • The line up! – If you have CBeebies obsessed kids like mine then it was Andy not Mr Tumble, who was hot stuff for my two.  Ultimately Mr Tumble drew the biggest crowd but there was an impressive Cbebbies line up from Cook and Line (great comedy duo!) from Swashbuckle to Mr Bloom. But parents weren’t forgotten as on the sunday evening saw DJ Norman Jay MBE belting out some tunes during his set with parents and kids dancing around at dusk.
  • The Free Stuff – Now there was lots of this at Geronimo. From the word go we had free unlimited fair rides with our tickets, and after the crowds start to leave at the end of their day our little boys managed to ride to their hearts content on the fair rides till closing at 8pm! (most times even getting to stay on!) Also in a separate area was Hasbro games, Playdough, Nerf, My little Pony and Transformers! You could play with some Play Dough toys and even walk away with a free pot. Z was pleased with himself when he queued for the My Little Pony Journey and was rewarded with a little Pinky Pie figure!IMG_1595
  • The activities! – and there were loads of them! From mini golf to interactive arcade games ( running around dressed as pac man was hilarious) there were so many things to do. My little ones especially loves the the rocking horses – a whole bunch of vintage to modern rocking horses and ride ons had been placed under a marquee complete with riding hats ( big hit with many children!)

Version 2

  • That being said the activities on offer! – Wow besides being free there were so many activities to keep our boys minds occupied all weekend. My eldest loved being dressed as a butterfly and one of my favourite moments is of them peering through drawers in the Curio-van, and being completely fascinated by all the things they found. I can’t name them all but there was clay model making, Spoon painting for a spoon garden, the fantastic Woodland Tribe and many others!!!


Needless to say we had lots of fun and even managed to sneak away for a cheeky hot tub while the boys were kept entertained by the creche. Z was proud to show us his certificate for the Limbo competition and even wanted to go back another day which speaks volumes!!!

Most importantly the site was beautiful with lots of surprises everywhere – from a tree full of monkeys to trees with eyes ( my boys loved tracking them down)


We absolutely loved it and having ‘bertha’ to crawl back to after a tiring day was a bonus! We are definitely booking again for next year and this is a festival which is only going to get better!!!

We attended Geronimo independently and all thoughts and opinions remain our own. 


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