The End….of the Family Bed – GASP!

So August has turned out to be quite a month of ‘endings’. My eldest has just left his lovely childminder as he is starting reception in September, Ive just completed my Diploma at University as an Operating Department Practitioner and my hubby is about to stop working and undertake 3 years at university to do Paramedic Science …so a month of endings and beginnings!!

But the biggest ending for us this last month has been the end of our ‘family Bed’. From birth I’ve co-slept with both my boys and breastfed well into their 2nd year. I have loved the closeness and the bonding that it offered us both. As they’ve grown up, they carved out their own space in the bed and inevitably pushed me and hubby to the very edges of a king sized bed on numerous occasions.

My eldest was in his own toddler bed at the foot of ours and his brother was throwing his own version of wrestle mania between me and hubby all night. But even with the odd elbow in the eye at 4am or the eldest joining us after a night terror we never considered moving them out – just buying a bigger bed! But we decided enough was enough and out they have gone.

Here are a few tips that I found personally helped us move the boys out successfully!

  1. If you have more than one child, moving them into the same room together helps a lot. Our youngest felt safe with his big brother in the room with him.
  2. Get them to help decorate it – Our Eldest picked out some nifty Ninjago stickers for his walls and even helped picked the paint for his bunkbed.
  3. Consider bunkbeds – my two boys are not quite ready for ladders on bunks but we found a reputable local carpenter who whipped together a bunkbed with steps for them both. (please ensure that you check the workmanship and safety of bunkbeds you buy)
  4. Get them excited about the move! – we played up the big move out into their rooms that by the time I was done slapping on the final coat of blue paint ( on the walls and their bed lol) they wanted to move in!
  5. If you are still occasionally breastfeeding – think about cutting down the night feeds. I am long term breastfeeder – my boys have both had ‘babyish’ as they call it into their second year. It was easy to introduce a cup of warm milk and explain that babeesh was running out.

Now nothing can prepare a former co-sleeper for that huge gap where what felt like a human spider used to sleep is a gaping reminder that they are growing up. I barely slept that first night – tiptoeing to their room every time I heard a snuffle or the rustle of a duvet ( my mum senses on high alert!) but after a few tired nights in a row, I realised that they were completely safe across the hall and after a stern talking to myself ( kids are in own rooms from 3 months old!!) I have accepted their absence and embraced the space! room for activities lol

Now maybe to plan for another bed buddy????


Nushy P

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