About little ole me!

Hi Readers, browsers and occasional peekers!

I’m Nush and I’m a happily married mum of two loud and mischievous  little boys and 2 tortoises (Nebble and Tiny) whilst juggling a busy career!

So I used to be a partying, wild, festival loving young twenty something – falling over in clubs, getting chucked out of said club for dancing on table ( wasn’t a classy pub anyway), rolling out of a warm tent and cracking open a can of beer at a festival….ahhhh those were the days lol.

But then I met my hubby, Scott and everything changed – we travelled! we’ve hot California, Budapest, Mallorca to name a few. I love travelling at before we could squeeze in our dream trip Little Z arrived and two years later Little A.

Life has changed again! and now I’m in the middle of finishing up a Diploma in Operating Department practice. So balancing university assignments, placements and being a mum all at once can be overwhelming! I’m doing well and almost at the finish line !!

Ive always wanted to travel and write – things that have taken a backseat since the little ones arrived. But hopefully this blog is going to give me a creative outlet and let you all in on my crazy life!

Thanks for reading….and keep on reading!!!


Nush xx